1 877 Junk Fox is the best way to have your rubbish hauled away

by an affordable local junk removal service. Loading up junk and garbage is no problem; a rubbish removal pro is only a phone call away!

It does not matter where the junk is located on the property;

a 1 877 JUNK FOX service provider will load it up and take it away. From unwanted furniture, appliances, electronics, garbage bags & boxes; we can help you get junk and clutter free. If you need a great deal on trash hauling, make the call and watch the junk disappear.

The most popular place where we tend to have and collect junk is the garage or the crawl space. Over the years, items accumulate and eventually are no longer of any use or purpose. Our service provider will remove the junk and trash from anywhere on your property. They specialise in removing junk from the back yard, garage, in your home, basement, shed, driveway and even under the deck ! When it comes to affordable local junk removal services, calling us, is the easiest way to have your unwanted junk removed by a trash removal expert.

Mississauga Junk Removal Junk Fox

Our service providers:
can help you get rid of

old wood, drywall pieces, garbage bags, sofas, tables, chairs, patio furniture, mattresses, cardboard, carpet, yard waste, branches, shrubs, unwanted toys, old furniture, broken tile, bikes, barbeques, appliances, stoves, washers, dryers, lamps, electronics, the list goes on and on...

Here are some useful tips

Mississauga Junk Removal

Tip 1

Before calling, make sure you know what needs to be removed and let us know if you have any heavy renovation junk such as; concrete, drywall, tiles, as these items cost more to dispose of, and extra charges may apply.

Recycling removal

Tip 2

If possible separate recyclable items: cardboard, electronics, metal, used clothing and paper; this is not necessary, however it will help make it easier as the truck is loaded to separate these items, so that they can be recycled.

Garbage bag removal

Tip 3

When de-cluttering, make small piles of junk throughout your property, this way, when the service provider arrives, it's easy for you to point out what needs to be removed and hauled away.

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