Cheap Junk Removal Mississauga


When is it a good time to re-organize?
It's always a good time to de-clutter and get rid of the junk and odds and ends you no longer use. Freeing up extra space in the closets, basement and garage can make life a lot easier, especially when you are trying to find something.

Some of my junk is still good; do you recycle?
YES, we recycle and try our best to keep as much of the junk that is removed out of the landfill. The most common type of garbage that is recycled is metal items; microwaves, bikes, pipes, lawnmowers, barbeques etc... The second most common are electronic items: old computers, monitors, TV'S, radios and printers. After those two the third would be paper, cardboard, used clothing and items that can be donated to charity.

I did a renovation and have drywall & tile; does that cost more ?
YES, renovation junk such as; concrete, tile, drywall, shingles, brick, dirt and rocks are heavier than household junk and cost more at the dump. The best thing to do is call us and we will connect you with a junk removal expert who will help you get rid of the renovation junk at the best price possible.

Do I need to place all of my junk into one pile ?
No, the junk can be removed from anywhere on your property. Although it does make it easier to have it in one pile, it is not necessary. The junk can be removed from the basement, shed, backyard, garage or anywhere else.

What can be recycled ?
• Metal, electronics, paper, cardboard, used clothing, items that can be donated to charity, etc.

What can be removed ?
• Wood, wooden furniture, wood flooring, cabinets, shelving, floorboards, etc. • Old furniture, sofas, mattresses, couches, chairs, tables, dressers, desks, etc. • Basement junk, garage & shed trash, boxes, clutter, unwanted stuff, etc. • Renovation debris, tiles, drywall, plaster, lumber, heavy wood, plywood, etc. • Packing materials, boxes, paper, bubble wrap, foam, cardboard, etc. • Yard waste, leaves, bushes / shrubs, branches, grass clippings, twigs, etc. • Metal items, appliances, stoves / ovens, microwaves, washing machines, dryers, etc. Please note, we do not remove: chemicals, cleaners, paint cans, motor oil, fuel, asbestos, florescent tube light bulbs, medical waste or any other type of hazardous waste.

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